Production of Giulia confirmed

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

First man of Fiat company Sergio Marchionne confirmed that successor of Alfa Romeo 159 the Giulia is well under development. According to his words, this car will be made in Italy and it is going to be sold on many markets around the world.

In his interview for Automotive News, which was mostly about Alfa Romeo plans for the future, Marchionne didn’t reveal when the new Giulia will have premiere. According to some information concept of this car will be presented in 2013, while the serial version will make an appearance a year later in 2014.

When questioned about Alfa Romeo big sedan, Marchionne didn’t say anything specifically, but he said that Alfa’s big sedan “169”will probably share Maserati architecture, which means that it will probably be produced in Maserati factory in Torino. When it comes to the Alfa Romeo 4c, Alfa’s enthusiasts will have to wait for a little while; it will probably be presented on Geneva Auto Show in 2013.


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