Alfa Romeo Duetto

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Next roadster that’s going to be developed by Alfa Romeo is actually going to be technologically related to Mazda’s MX-5; this project is just an introduction to cooperation between these two car companies. It is well known that Sergio Marchionne is a big proponent of cooperation in car industry.

Marchionnes goal is to sell 300.000 Alfa Romeo cars a year, and they only sold two thirds of that number last year. Recently the Germans showed interest for Alfa Romeo but Italians rejected their offer. On the other side Mazda which recorder losses in the last 4 years is looking for a partner who would help them sell more cars and remediate some of their losses.

That’s why Alfa Romeo Duetto based on Mazda’s MX5 platform would be an ideal solution, especially since Alfa has already have a finished candidate; 2uettottanta concept designed by Pininfarina.

Next generation of Alfa roadster which will be based on Mazda will only weight a 1000 kilograms and it will be a rear wheel drive.

Each car will have engine specific for its brand, so we won’t see the same car sold by two manufacturers.

Alfa Romeo Duetto will keep that Italian heart; we’ll still see those Alfa’s feisty engines, great design and attractive interior. Duetto the successor of the legendary Spider from 1966 will probably be powered by the 1.75 litre turbo engine, and it is supposed to have a six speed manual or TCT transmission.  Even though they have a different engines, different bodies, and different interiors, both cars will be produced in Mazda’s factory in Hiroshima. Beside this roadster, these two companies announced their cooperation on few other models. Final agreement was supposedly signed in May.


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