Where to buy Alfa 4C in US

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

We heard so many rumors about Alfa’s return to US in last couple of years, we lost the count, but 4C is most certainly going overseas. However, you won’t be able to buy 4C at any Fiat’s or Maserati dealership. From the information available to us, we can see that main people of Fiat are still planning the right tactic. First shipment of Alfa Romeo 4C will go to Maserati dealers.

After that shipments will go to Fiat dealerships which proved themselves as most successful. This kind of approach didn’t sit well with the many of the Fiat’s dealerships in the US since they’ve been preparing for Alfa’s return for quite a while.

When we consider the fact that none of the Alfa’s upcoming models are ready, the whole situation is still uncertain. Alfa 4C will not bring any huge profits since they’re planning to export only about 1000 of them a year.

If Fiat wants to be a legitimate player in United States, and if they want Alfa Romeo to succeed, they’re going to have to do lot better than this. If you’re planning on buying 4C in US prepare for some competition.

As we already mentioned you can’t buy them anywhere, and considering the present situation, there are plenty of people interested in this Italian beauty. Also, keep in mind that US Alfa 4C will not have the same specifications as European version because of certain regulations, but we’ll talk about that in the next article.


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