Alfa Romeo 4C US specs

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

New 4C is supposed to hit US market in June this year, but it’s not all great news. All Alfa Romeo fans in United States prepare to be somewhat disappointed.

Newest Alfa masterpiece is going to be 100 kg heavier for the US market. In a car that’s all about lightweight this is going to have some impact, we can’t say for sure how much.

The reason of this is pretty much ridiculous. Engineers had to add some supporting beams to the carbon fiber monocoque due to United States regulation. The real question is how comes that this is not a case in Europe even though European regulation are even more rigorous?

After all of these modifications Alfa 4C is still going to weigh less than 1000kg, without any fluids added, but there is no question that US version is going to be less crispy than European one. 100kg more is going to affect everything from acceleration to stability and fuel consumption, but it is what it is, if you were planning on buying 4C in United States, you’re going to have to make peace with this.


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