Alfa Romeo Hyper-Car: Stradale Concept Envisioned

Photo credit: Oscar Johansson

Alfa Romeo has been a very popular brand among designers for years. We’ve seen many creations which, frankly, shook the automotive world. Cars like Alfa Romeo BAT, although very eccentric, managed to see the light of day.

However, examples like this are rare, and they are something the automotive industry needs nowadays. It seems like no brand wants to exercise their creativity anymore. The focus has been purely on profits, and it shows.

This time we bring you yet another stunning vision designed by very talented Oscar Johansson. It is an audacious attempt in which the first Alfa Romeo hyper-car is envisioned. However, while it does look incredible, it certainly lacks those recognizable features found only in Alfa’s models.


Smooth sensual lines stretch indefinitely while curvy accented details give it a sporty impression. The most remarkable design feature is the main split vent which carries the air underneath channeling it to the rear diffuser. This, in theory, significantly improves stability and eliminates the need for the rear spoiler.

The cockpit is small and centered just like it was in legendary McLaren cars. Headlights, as well as taillights, radiate futurism, while large rims, characteristic of Alfa Romeo, multiply the effect. Even though it is inspired by classic Alfa Romeo, the front end fails to deliver.

The first and most important detail missing in this rendering is a recognizable V-shaped grille, which hasn’t been missed in any model for years. Objectively, the front is characteristic more of a Ferrari than Alfa Romeo. While the car is undoubtedly striking, it’s simply missing that Alfa vibe.

However, regardless of the Alfa Romeo connection, it is another stunning design study in which the artist meticulously delivers his vision of future hyper-cars. And any design that looks this good, should be supported by Alfisti, as well as the rest of automotive enthusiasts.

Whether Alfa Romeo Stradale hyper-car is ever going to be developed by this company, it is still unclear. But the chances are, probably not. However, Alfa is developing 8C successor, and it is going to be revealed in 2021 or 2022.


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