Alfa Romeo Montreal

Photo credit: DisenoArt

One of the great Alfa Romeo concepts with retro look is Alfa Romeo Montreal concept. It is designed by design student Karl Sanders in 2009. Its design is based on Alfa Romeo Montreal which was presented in Montreal in 1967.

This concept is based on a platform developed for Brera and 159 models, and basically its goal was to represent Alfa Romeo in United States in 2011, and as we all know Alfa was not present in United States since 1995.

Just like original concept this car is based on unique and advanced styling with elements from different models, like that specific grille, futuristic headlights with air vents above them, unique body lines and air vents above rear wheels.

When it comes to the rear end, designer changed those square looking taillights that original Montreal has with more refined circular taillight which give the car more modern look. My personal opinion is that car has little too much of that American muscle car elements, and honestly it still looks great, only flaw I think it has are those taillight which I think could be designed better. No specifications about engine is available.


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