New Alfa Romeo 6C to be Revealed August 30th

Photo credit: AlfistiCrew

We talked about the new Alfa Romeo supercar for quite a bit, however, there isn’t really much info available. As Imperato stated, it will pay tribute to the brand’s racing heritage, and it will draw inspiration from the 33 Stradale model. But, that is about it.

Even the powertrain was speculated.

Initially, it was rumored that it will be fully electric, but considering the 6C badge, it will probably be equipped with a bi-turbo V6 found in Giulia/Stelvio QV.

All of the speculations aside, we finally got the official reveal date, and it is going to be on August 30th of 2023.

However, one question arises. Will it be a purebred Alfa Romeo? Probably not. Considering the short development period of this car, there is a big chance that it will share some, if not most, of the components with the Maserati MC20, but that shouldn’t make it any less special.

Understandably, the brand should consider the profits, and pump out mainstream cars such as Tonale and the upcoming Brennero, however, let’s not forget about the enthusiasts who stood behind the brand all these years. We need more cars such as the GT, GTV, Brera, and even Giulia to keep the true values of the brand.

New Alfa Romeo 6C is a welcome addition, especially if it looks as good as the render above, but it will be a car only few can afford. Nonetheless, it might just be the spark to light the fire of the new Alfa which is more focused on its heritage than the mainstream trends.


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