Alfa Romeo Alfetta Scheduled for 2027

Photo credit: Motor1

There was a lot of ups and downs when it comes to Alfa Romeo in the last couple of decades. Numerous production plans, news, rumors, leadership exchange, and so on. But stability for the brand is finally on the horizon. Alfa is getting some traction, and management doesn’t intend to stop there.

The brand is currently more oriented toward the SUV and Crossover. Nonetheless, sports cars are not out of the question, nor are saloons.

If you follow the news, you’re familiar with the 8C successor which is supposed to be presented soon. But that is not all.

Alfa is also working on the convertible which would continue where Spider left off. Last, but not least, there are plans for the Giulietta successor and new Alfa Romeo Alfetta which would compete in the E segment.

Imperato mentioned these plans in one of his recent interviews, but he also stated that none of the mentioned models, except the 8C successor and the upcoming Brennero, won’t see the light of day for at least several years.

Alfa is positioning itself in the premium segment, and as such, it must have a big sedan to go head-to-head with the competition. Believe it or not, the new Alfa Romeo Alfetta was in plans under the Marchionne management, but it was sacked due to the low sales of Giulia and Stelvio.

Now according to the info we got from a reliable source, Alfetta is scheduled for 2027, and it is supposed to bring back the glory of its predecessor which was one of the most popular models. The design language is going to follow the Tonale, and we can actually get a good idea of the final product from the render above.

When it comes to the powertrain, we are up for disappointment since most of the planned models are going to be electric only. This will open another can of worms for us Alfisti since this might result in the loss of that x-factor that makes each of the models special.

There is another massive problem not a lot of manufacturers speak about, and that is the infrastructure and materials needed for the production of batteries. While it is easy to say that they are going to stop the production and development of ICE, bringing that statement to life is a completely different story, but we’ll leave that for some other time.

The main goal of the new Alfa Romeo Alfetta is to compete with cars like BMW 5 series and Mercedes E class primarily on the North American market. Alfa’s future is depending on the brand’s success there, and a model like Alfetta will certainly help achieve good results.


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