Alfa Romeo GTS – Stunning Tribute to Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

Photo credit: Guilherme Araujo at Behance

Today, Alfisti Crew is bringing you yet another incredible design study done by very talented Guilherme Araujo. It is the modern interpretation of a beautiful classic design, and this one is done tastefully. While the artists didn’t reflect on the powertrain or go into any other details, this vision is clearly intended to be purely electric.

We can conclude this by the absence of any details which characterize the gasoline-powered car, like the exhaust.

Besides this, the wheels are also indicative of an electric powertrain, and the absence of front-end vents suggests the same.

As you might have concluded by the title, the main inspiration for this particular design study was the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA. It is one of the legendary Alfa Romeo cars which not only looks great but also performs on the top level.

The brand’s classic goes for big money nowadays due to the already mentioned reasons, and the fact that it is a rarity. The design might not be to everyone’s taste, but keep in mind that this is a representation of the brand’s future in the electric form.

While we are not really advocates of electric cars, this one does look apart. However, as we mentioned on numerous occasions, electric cars can never offer the driving experience of their gasoline counterparts. There are no vibrations, smell, rumble, nor sound that would stimulate all of our senses.

The Alfisti Crew supports artists all around the world who pay tribute to this Italian brand, and we have to say that the brand itself should pay close attention to them as well.

There are some incredible talents and designs, and it would be a shame if none of them see the light of day. If not in complete form, at least as an inspiration for future Alfa Romeo models.


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