Alfa Romeo GTV Shooting Brake

Photo credit: Khyzyl Saleem

Today we are bringing you yet another rendering, which is not made from scratch, but rather from the legendary Alfa Romeo GTV. While the artist which created it labeled it as shooting brake, by the definition it is really not. However, that doesn’t make it any less stunning in our eyes.

The talented designer behind this is Khyzyl Saleem, and honestly, he did a really good job virtually customizing this GTV.

GTV is one of the classic cars which stands out, and the prices of the well-kept models are rising sky high. Just as every other Alfa Romeo, this one stands out from the crowd.

The design is on the next level, however, the back end of this car left something to be desired. Although this is a virtual modification, we have to admit, it’s done to perfection. The overall stance, front, and back, is spot on, and the envisioned body kit is just right.

Alfa Romeo cars are hard to modify primarily due to their flawless design, and even the smallest component which doesn’t complement the overall design can ruin the whole appeal. As you can see from these renderings everything fits ideally, and that is hard to do especially on this car.

The renderings are done so well, that it is hard to differentiate them from the real photographs. Besides the gallery, you can see above, check out the video as well in which you can see the whole process of developing such a design.

It is not simple in any way, and it does require a lot of passion, dedication, knowledge, and talent. We at Alfisti Crew are passionate about the brand, and we love modifying and tuning cars.

While we were never able to get our hands on the GTV, it is planned as one of the future projects. When that day finally comes, this virtual creation from Khyzyl Saleem will definitely serve us as the inspiration.


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