Alfa Romeo Orbita

Photo credit: Engin Tulay

This vision of luxury Alfa Romeo certainly will not be the successor of 166 model, but it’s still a very impressive study done by designer Engin Tulay. His vision is called Alfa Romeo Orbita and it is imagined as biggest and most luxurious model of Alfa also called Ammiraglia. This project is done by “Scoula Politecnica Di Design”, which is Italian school of designed founded in 1954 in Milan.

Alfa Romeo Orbita represents the bond of elegance and coupe dynamics with comfort of classic luxury sedan. It contains design elements of Alfa’s models from the past and some elements from the modern models.

Main characteristics of Orbita are style, sport, elegance and luxury, while design is characterized by clean shapes and gracious lines. These sport and dynamic lines give the Orbita more mature and sophisticated look.

Main goal of this design study was to make Orbita look sporty, modern and sophisticated at the same time, which give this car unique look from all angles. It is placed in a very sensitive category of 4-door coupes which doesn’t forgive any experimenting in design. Because of that this car is dynamic but not too aggressive. Its designer was obsessed with right proportions just to present the luxury and classic beauty.

This car leaves the strong impression thanks to its high side line, and when you take a look at the front you get that strong sense of character. As you move around the vehicle it seems that its size is varying, in other words it looks smaller from the back that it does from other angles. This size coupe with its carefully balanced design lines gives us the impression of luxury and comfort. Design of this car is not inspired only by driving experience which come from its power and speed, but also by some of the unique aspects that only Alfa Romeo posses.

Reference: Engin Tulay


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