Alfa Romeo 4C presented at Geneva Auto Show

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

Alfa Romeo finally presented the serial version of 4C at the Geneva Auto Show. This mid engine sport coupe with rear wheel drive represents the sport heart of Alfa Romeo with performance,

Italian style and technical perfection giving the driver maximum driving experience and great safety. It is little less than 4 meters long, 200cm wide and 118 cm high with wheelbase of 240cm.

With its clever design Alfa Romeo 4C has low air resistance and great downforce which can be compared to racing cars. Serial version derived directly from the concept which was presented on Geneva Auto Show in 2011, and as a concept it was awarded many times for its design.

Acronym 4C comes from the rich Alfa Romeo history and as we already know acronyms 8C and 6C were used in 30’s and 40’s referring to number of cylinders. All of Alfa cars of that time had great power to weight ratio. Thanks to use of carbon fiber and aluminum the new Alfa Romeo 4C has power to weight ration of less than 4kg/HP. The exact number of horse power is still unknown.


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