Alfa Romeo All-Electric SUV Coming in 2028

Photo credit: IG Kelsonik

As you probably heard numerous times, Alfa Romeo is going all-electric. The same goes for the SUV segment, and we can expect a new Alfa Romeo all-electric SUV in 2028. This is not a speculation or a rumor, this is what the main man said in the recent interview for Auto Express.

He stated that Alfa is going up in size after 2026.

First, we’ll see the large E-segment electric saloon intended for the American and European markets, after which they’ll introduce a large all-electric SUV.

Essentially, it will be the replacement for Stelvio and it will be built on the same platform as the Giulia EV.

This fully-fledged SUV will go head to head with BMW iX, Mercedes EQS, and Audi Q8 e-tron. He also added that a large E-segment saloon will be presented first since it is going to offer a better range, thus making it a more practical solution.

The large STLA platform on which both of the cars will be built can accommodate a 118kWh battery. Imperato added a range goal of 435 miles or 700 kilometers. This will realistically be lower for the SUV due to the higher weight.

Essentially, the powertrain configuration for both cars will be the same, as it is with Giulia and Stelvio. The base model will come with 350HP, while the mid-range Veloce will be closer to 800HP. However, it is still unclear if the SUV will get the QV version.

One of the more impressive things is that both of the models will come with 800-volt charging which would reduce 80% charge time to just 18 minutes. He also stated that the STLA platform should also be fun and agile due to the fact that Alfa’s Balocco team aided in development.

When it comes to design, Imperato added that it has been finalized for the saloon, but that they are still working on the SUV. Price-wise, it is expected that the new Alfa Romeo all-electric SUV will cost close to €100,000, or $110,000.


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