Book of the month: Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/1967

Photo credit: Dingwort-Verlag

In our book of the month, were going to discuss yet another piece of Alfa Romeo literature by Patrick Dasse and Martin Ubelher which we acquired from DINGWORT VERLAG. The book itself describes the journey of one of the most famous models from this Italian brand – the Tipo 33.

The book itself, just like the previous ones, explains the development process of the mentioned model. However one thing that differentiates it from most of the books of the same kind is visual element. Book doesn’t rely on the text, although it is not absent. The story is told through series of photographs which are described in detail.

The pictures are used to tell the story and to take us through the amazing development process, from the early development all the way to the finished version. 312 pages contain pretty much everything regarding the Tipo 33. Every detail is meticulously described both through photos as well as text.

It is a quality made piece of literature which is a great for any Alfa Romeo enthusiast, and car enthusiasts in general. If you want to know more about this amazing car, or if you want to make somebody’s day, this is the one to go for.


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