Alfa Romeo Prometeo Concept

Photo credit: Lorenzo Cotta

Alfa Romeo is one of the brands with the biggest following in the automotive world. Support comes from all sides, and that also reflects on the design. We have seen numerous young designers that show off their work by opting out for this famous Italian brand, and today is no different.

However, today’s creation is not done through conventional design processes but rather with the use of the latest technology.

To sum it up, Alfa Romeo Prometeo Concept is a creation of Lorenzo Cotta, who used AI software in the design development process.

His main goal was to create the Alfa 4C successor which would yet again captivate car enthusiasts.

While the design is primarily focused on the modernization of its predecessor, it still managed to keep the flow Alfa Romeo 4c has. There are many twists and interpretations of the original, but the result really looks stunning.

One thing worth mentioning is that the use of AI in the process didn’t provide the result you can see in one go. It took numerous tries to polish the rendering to perfection.

The name has derived from the mythological character Prometheus, who was cunning and intelligent. So Lorenzo wanted his creation to not only to be considered as an object of “rebel design”, but also as the union between human and artificial creativity.

In the photo below you can also see several variations of the design, and while some look out of this world, some are a bit more tamed.

Photo credit: Lorenzo Cotta

In the end, the results look great, but one big question arose. Is this the future of automotive design, and has AI been used in automotive design?

Perhaps BMW decided to go this way eliminating the human factor and producing some of the more questionable models in recent years. We’ll probably never know, but one thing is for sure, creativity can never be replaced by AI.

While this particular concept looks stunning we can’t forget that it is based on the original Alfa Romeo 4C design that has nothing to do with AI.


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