Next-Gen Alfa Romeo Giulia EV Coming in 2025

Photo credit: Carscoops

The road to Alfa Romeo revival has been rough. However, the company is getting back on track and 2022 is considered a very successful year. The main reason behind that success is Tonale which has over 50,000 sold units. Alfa has seen a 22% increase in registration in Europe, which is a significant success.

The ‘zero to zero’ metamorphosis, in which the company will go from zero EVs to zero emissions, is going well.

The first fully electric vehicle from the brand is apparently going to be Alfa Romeo Giulia EV, and it is going to arrive in 2025.

This is not a speculation but rather the info that came from the main man Jean Philippe Imperato.


One thing is certain, next-gen Alfa Romeo Giulia is going to be electric only. While the exact configuration is still unknown, we got some specs for you. The entry model is going to come with 345 horsepower. However, the Veloce model is going to pack a much bigger punch.

It is going to come with 790 HP, which is impressive, to say the least. Still, that is not going to be the most powerful version of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia EV. The highest spec is going to be the QV version which is going to develop an incredible 1000 horsepower.

Photo credit: Auto Express


Besides the impressive power, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia EV is going to have an impressive range. Thanks to its 118kWh battery it is going to top out at 700 kilometers or 435 miles. Besides this, Imperato stated that charging time will be drastically reduced.

Since it is going to have 800-volt charging, you be able to juice it up to 80% in just 18 minutes. We have to admit, all of the mentioned numbers are impressive, whether they’ll reflect in the real world, only time will tell.


Photo credit: AutoCar

When it comes to design, we have known for quite a while now that all of the upcoming Alfa Romeo models are going to carry Tonale design language. So for the Giulia successor, we can expect the same.

Jean Philippe Imperato even said that design-wise this car is finished, and the render above actually gives us a pretty good idea of how it might look like. As you can see there is going to be a twist.

The shape of the next-gen Giulia is not going to resemble a saloon. Imperato stated that they got an unusual design for this car which will be the best of both, saloon and Sportwagon. So, something in a shape of a shooting brake can be expected.

In the end, we as true petrolheads and Alfisti are reluctant toward the acceptance of electric vehicles. However, we still can’t wait to see what Alfa is going to produce. Will these upcoming models possess that true Alfa beauty and style, but more importantly will they be driver-oriented as most of the Alfas were in the past?


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