Alfa Romeo Tonale Debuts 8th of February?

Photo credit: Luca Lazzini Design

Judging by the question mark in the headline, you can guess that the information is not yet officially confirmed. However, according to an Italian automotive journalist, this is the date the new Alfa Romeo Tonale will debut. The German journalists also confirmed the start of February as the debut, and according to their info, the new Alfa Romeo Tonale will start with a price of 28000 Euros.

After the rocky road in the last decade, this might finally be the model which will help Alfa turn the profits, at least that’s what the main people hope for.

As devoted Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, we at Alfisti Crew don’t really look forward to another SUV from the brand, but in the end, the company must survive and judging by the trends, this might be the way to go.

So, we all have to welcome it with open hands since Alfa’s future might depend on it. Just to remind you, according to the latest information, the Tonale will offer one diesel engine which will push out 130 horsepower, and two petrol options ranging from 120 to 160 horsepower. The stronger one is going to be configured as a mild hybrid.

The cream of the crop will be the plug-in hybrid which will deliver 240 horsepower. This version will also be the only one that will offer an all-wheel drive. Again, this is the main area where Tonale disappoints. It would be nice to see the QV version with high HP output, but that might depend on its success.

If it proves as successful we might see the QV version as the demand might be there. When it comes to trims, the Tonale will come in 4 options – Super, Sprint, TI, and Veloce. That is pretty much all of the info we got on Tonale at the moment, and we probably won’t see anything until the beginning of next year, when maybe we might get our hands on some uncamouflaged spy shots.


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