Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

When it comes to this model of Alfa Romeo, Giorgetto Giugiaro showed us passion and essence of creative thinking, this car is elegant and sophisticated, and it represents spirit of adventure and progress which is the base of this Italian manufacturer. Long awaited Alfa Romeo Brera was presented on Geneva Auto show, three years after its first concept was presented in 2002 (also in Geneva).

Response to concept car was huge, so Brera went into serial production with only minimal changes. Brera is a true successor of Alfa Romeo coupe models, it has a distinctive design, driving characteristics, and thanks to the technological solutions car looks aggressive and elegant at the same time. First Brera’s came out of production lines at the end of 2005.

It is a coupe with generous dimensions; it is 1830mm wide, 4414mm long and 1372mm high. However, design of prolonged front and rear gives us impression of very compact car.

Front grill, as the unique headlights give Brera and 159 their distinctive looks. Interior is very pleasant and sophisticated, one of the many great ideas is the glass roof which lets natural light in.

Alfa Romeo Brera is loaded with electronics, from VDC, xenon lights, phone control on steering wheel, and seven air bags to 570 watts Bose sound system, beside that there is a rich list of additional equipment.

There are two transmissions available depending on the model version, one is automatic, the other one is six speed manual. This model gives us incredible performances on the road, and amazing stability thanks to special Alfa Romeo suspension. There two JTS (gasoline) engines available, 2.2 which gives us 190 HP, and 3.2 which gives us 260 HP, there is also 1.8 TBi (gasoline) engine which produces 200 HP. There are two JTD (diesel) engines, 2.4 which produces 200 HP and 2.0 which produces 170 HP.

There is a Twin Phaser system which manages the valves and also reduces gas consumption. When it comes to safety Brera fulfils all expectations with already mentioned VDC which controls brake throttle and engine management to maintain stability. Alfa Romeo Brera is undoubtedly a great car in it showed us everything Alfa Romeo is about; design, performance and style.


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