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4C customization

If you love new Alfa Romeo, or if you’re in financially afford it and want to buy it, their new official website will let you do some virtual customization, meaning that you can customize your own 4C to an extent, you can choose things like, wheels, colors, brake calipers, headlights, tailpipes, seats… If you want to have some virtual fun with Alfa 4C, click here

Alfa Romeo 4C review

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

First thing that we notice when we see this car on the road is its stunning looks and that glorious sound. But when we take the closer look at this new Alfa Romeo it is apparent that there is a lot more to this Italian beauty than its looks. The whole car weights only 895 kg without any fluids, and as we all know this directly affects fuel economy(it goes through 6.8l on 100km), speed (max 260 km/h), acceleration, stability, but above all such weight reduction makes this car really fun and exciting to drive.

Even though it’s powered by small 1.75 liter engine which develops 240HP, it has all of the characteristics of a real supercar for only 50000 Euros or so.

There is still few imperfections like turbo lag or throttle response, which could be a bit better, but let’s focus on more important things like driving pleasure.

Its stiff chassis and unassisted steering really let you feel and grip the road, you can really cut the corners and get somewhat careless without crashing.

It’s quite an emotional car because it brings back that Alfa Romeo heritage, an x factor which only a true Alfa’s are known for. The ride is surprisingly very smooth and comfortable for this type of cars. There is an Alfa’s DNA system with 4 modes you can choose- Dynamic, Natural, All weather and Race. Driving position is pretty much perfect and the instruments couldn’t be positioned better. Even though many people compare this car to Porsche Cayman and Lotus Elise, I really think that this car is in league of its own. Did Alfa do its job and made true Alfa? The answer is yes, they really made a special little thing, all they need to do now is implement the same strategy into new models.

Nurburgring lap 8:04

Alfa Romeo 4C presented at Geneva Auto Show

Alfa Romeo 4C production version specs

Price: around 50000 Euros

• weight: 895 kg
• length: 398 cm
• height: 118 cm
• width: 209 cm
• wheelbase: 238 cm

• 1750 ccm turbo
• torque: 350 Nm
• power: 240 HP

• acceleration: 0-100 km/h: 4,5 sec
• top speed: 258 km/h

• front discs diameter 305 mm
• rear discs diameter 292 mm

• front 17″, tires 205/45
• rear 18″, tires 235/40

DNA system with 4 modes:
• All weather
• Natural
• Dynamic
• Race


Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

On 81st International auto show in Geneva Alfa Romeo presented a new concept called 4c. It is a compact supercar which represents everything that a true supercar should have. Its predecessor 8c is elite among cars and some renowned critics recognize this car that it is a piece of art. Alfa 4c is devised on classic form of two-seater coupe with rear wheel drive and mid engine.

It is 4 meters long with 2.4 meters wheelbase. Outside appearance is fulfilled with elegant lines which are similar to 8c but still they keep that spirit of Italian innovation; same innovations were implemented on interior. When it comes to technological aspect most of parts are from 8c like carbon fiber, aluminum, rear wheel drive, but some other elements are from different Alfa models like 1.75 liter engine with direct injecting, TCT transmission, and Alfa DNA system which allows driver to select one of offered setups. DNA is managing engine performance, suspension sensitivity as the stability control.

Previous experiences with 8c and 8c spider allowed advancements in driving characteristics. In past those characteristics were mainly improved by stronger engines while Alfa 4c reaches the same goals with use of carbon fiber which guarantee strength and agility. Power to weight ration in 4c is less than 4kg/HP. Chassis supports body made completely out of carbon fiber which has enough space for driver and passenger while back frame and so called crash box is made out of aluminum. Final result is a drastic weight reduction; whole car weights only 850 kg.

Power is produced by a 1.75 liter gas engine with turbo charger and direct injecting. It is placed in the middle back part of a vehicle and this engine performance is equal or better than one offered by 3 liter engines while at the same time gas consumption is typical for 4 cylinder engines. In combination with a new TCT transmission with two clutches strong 1.75 liter engine allows maximum speed of 250 km/h and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. This performance is mainly result of weight reduction.

Alfa 4c is not made only for a Geneva auto show it is planed for serial production. Alfa hopes that they will keep their reputation as big coupe manufacturer and we believe that it will keep the same reputation as its predecessor as a piece of art. Alfa Romeo 4c represents return to roots with imposing weight to power ratio and great retro look. There are speculations that beside coupe version there will be a spider version also. We can just say that Alfa like always leaves everybody breathless with their new models even if you are not Alfa enthusiast.


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