Alfa Romeo GTL

Photo credit: Matteo Gentile

When we take a look at mass-produced cars nowadays, we can see the pattern of dull boring creations whose main purpose is to make huge profits for their companies. What happened to the good old days when almost all of the car brands took pride in their work, the times when cars were special, full of character and charisma?

Sadly, those times are over, but all is not lost. Stunning affordable cars do come out from time to time like Alfa’s model Giulia, but even Giulia’s design is on the conservative side. Its predecessor 159, for example, is a car with a timeless design, and that is exactly what we want from this brand in the future.

Here is an incredible design study made by Matteo Gentile which portrays his vision of the future Alfa coupe. At first glance, and even the second, this car is breathtaking, and impressively it managed to hit all the right notes when it comes to capturing design heritage of Alfa Romeo. Its sleek body with an aggressive front end is simply out of this world while back-end unmistakably reminds us of the popular GT model.

Its contemporary design incorporated with certain elements from previous models could beat even the best in the industry, and that is exactly why this Italian company should produce something like this. We all understand the financial challenges they face at this moment, but it is important not to lose the character regardless of profit.

GTL DTM version is simply phenomenal. We probably speak for everybody when we say that pretty much all Alfisti around the world hope that something like this makes it to production lines. It would be a shame if a design like this goes unnoticed.


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