Drag Race – Alfa Romeo 4C vs. BMW M2 Competition vs. Lotus Exige 350 Sport

Photo credit: Motor1

Alfa Romeo 4C has been out for a while now, and while some critics disprove it, most of the car enthusiasts adore it with great passion. Even though it is not a perfect car, it was never meant to be.

It is supposed to have flaws and quirks, but it is also supposed to have a great character and this car does.

It is an amazing machine which signaled the comeback of this great Italian brand.

It is stunning, light, powerful, responsive, etc, and even though it’s not practical in any way it does represent a perfection in the eyes of many petrol-heads.

The true underdog in this race with competition that out-power it on paper significantly, 4C showed us what Alfa Romeo is all about. Check out the video and if you’re an Alfista, you’ll definitely enjoy it.







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