New Alfa Romeo Alfetta – Will it See the Light of Day?

Photo credit: Motorionline

As we all know by now Alfa Romeo is under new management. The last one started great with 4C, Giulia, and Stelvio, but they pretty much ran out of steam there. Sales didn’t really meet the expectations which consequently affected the management’s motivation. The FCA, PSA merger gave us Stellantis and while many Alfisti, including myself, didn’t acknowledge this as a good idea, we all might be wrong after all.

Jean-Phillipe Imperato, now the main man, brought success to Peugeot, and he might be the person who’s going to breathe in new life to Alfa Romeo.

Stellantis has many brands under it, and resources to push the Alfa Romeo further in order to realize the dreams of the late Sergio Marchionne.

Now, according to a new report, we might see a new Alfa Romeo Alfetta which would be positioned in the E segment meaning that it would be a direct competitor to a BMW 5 series.

While all of the information available nowadays should be taken with a grain of salt, something is definitely brewing. Tonale is going on sale this year, while many other models are planned behind closed doors.

Alfa needs to push out numerous models in the next few years to compete with premium German brands, and that is the only way to go. Otherwise, this famous Italian brand might be going down. So, besides the currently active Giulia and Stelvio, and upcoming Tonale, we will definitely see a new Giulietta Replacement, Brennero, possibly a new coupe, and a new flagship model.

As mentioned above any info is scarce, but that might change soon. The development plan for Alfa Romeo should be revealed in the beginning of March this year.

E segment model was scheduled under the leadership of Marchionne, but discouraged by the low sale numbers of Giulia, and Stelvio, the management pulled the plug on the new Alfa Romeo Alfetta, as well as the premium coupe which was supposed to go head to head with some of the popular German equivalents.

So are we going to see Alfetta on the roads, and is it going to happen soon?

Photo credit: Motor1

According to a reliable source, Alfetta is scheduled for 2025, and it is currently in the design phase. If Stellantis is serious about pushing this Italian brand to success, then the new Alfa Romeo Alfetta must happen. Alfa needs a new flagship model and revival of the old icon which was the sixth most successful car in the history of the brand when it comes to sales (almost half-million sold), is the way to go.

The platform this model could use is still under the question mark, but Giorgio would be a perfect fit. When it comes to engines, there are plenty of petrol options. Some speculate that Alfetta might come in a hybrid and fully electric version. The only question is would people buy it? It is a risky model to develop at the moment, and if it proves unsuccessful, it might be fatal for Alfa.


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