Giulia Qv & Stelvio QV Become Part of Dubai Police Force

Photo credit: AR

It is not a secret that Dubai Police has some of the best cars in the world in their arsenal. Money is no option so why not. While most of the supercars under their ownership are not as practical as they would’ve hoped, they finally got something that offers both – the exceptional performance, and practicality of a saloon, and SUV.

Alfa Romeo Giulia is considered as one of the fastest saloons in the world, and when it came out it showed us its capabilities on Nurburgring, beating the times of some much more expensive supercars.

Stelvio QV, on the other hand, held the record for the fastest SUV on the same track, until recently when it was overtaken by Cayenne Turbo GT.

Just to remind you, both of these cars are powered by an incredibly fast V6 which develops 510HP. That much horsepower is enough to push them to 100km/h or 60mp/h in less than 4 seconds. Considering their size, and configuration, this number is impressive. However, it is not all due to the engine.

The use of carbon fiber and other components as active front splitter allows for weight reduction and improved aerodynamic capabilities. Even though they both came out a while ago, the driving dynamics, looks, and overall performance can still compete with the latest competition has to offer.

Photo credit: AR

The main people of the force stated that these two vehicles will add to the appeal of the police force, as well as to the safety of Dubai roads. Both of the cars will be placed at the main tourist cross-sections where they will keep the public at ease.


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