New Alfa Romeo 8C is in Development

Photo credit: TopSpeed

Alfa Romeo had an identity crisis under the leading hand of Fiat Chrysler in the last few decades. But, good times finally came, and with 4C, Giulia and Stelvio, Alfa is slowly getting back on the track. The main people of the company finally realized that Alfa will ensure a bright future only if they develop sport-oriented premium cars with recognizable stunning design, just like they did in the past.

They decided to fully focus on Alfa’s heritage, and if we’re going to be objective, that is the only way to go. Before Sergio Marchionne passed in 2018 he hinted at another Alfa Romeo sports car that would carry the famous 8C badge. Even though the information is scarce at the moment, there are several interesting details regarding this new Italian beauty.


Like all of the latest Alfa Romeo models, new Alfa Romeo 8C will get special attention. The development started a year ago and judging by the current Alfa production philosophy, this new car will get the best of everything. Production will begin with heavy use of carbon fiber, starting with a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. This will carry on to other body panels like the roof, hood, spoilers, etc.

However, as it was the case original 8C, the new 8C will most-likely share architecture as well as numerous components with new Maserati which will be developed alongside. Even though this might sound like a piece of bad news to purists, it might be the only way of production, since the development of a single-car would ultimately exceed the reasonable price tag at the end.

When it is all said and done, that’s how the automotive industry works at the moment. The best example for that is a joint production of highly anticipated Toyota Supra and BMW Z4. But Alfa, as well as Maserati should learn something from that example. It is extremely hard to do a joint production and to retain brand individuality, as we saw that Supra failed at being a worthy successor.


When it comes to exterior design, we are left in the dark. All we have is silhouette revealing beautiful aerodynamic lines which proclaim style rather than shouty aggressiveness popular nowadays.

However, with car-design talents admiring this Italian brand, we have an opportunity to constantly witness their creative vision of future Alfa Romeo.

One of the renderings that stands out with its beauty and elegance is devised by Khashayar Jenabi. Although the artist’s idea wasn’t to create new 8C, but rather to create his concept vision of the popular 4C modified by Abarth – results are spectacular, and this incredible piece of automotive design world be a worthy successor of the legendary 8C.


When it comes to powertrain, we got some info, but the whole picture is still unclear. If you’re a hard-core fan, then you know that 8C stands for the 8-cylinder engine. However, some rumors suggest that the new Alfa Romeo 8C might get a V6 510 HP Ferrari-derived engine from Giulia Quadrifoglio. There is also another scenario available in which 8C would get a newly-developed V8 twin-turbo engine.

The biggest news regarding the powertrain is the electrified front axle which paired with a gasoline engine would give a combined output of 700 horsepower. According to some speculations, this new hybrid configuration could push the horsepower number in the low 800’s. The same configuration might be used in the new Alfa Romeo GTV coupe as well.


As we mentioned in the text above, an electric motor mounted on the front axle would make new Alfa Romeo 8c an all-wheel drive. This would give it a blistering acceleration to 62 mph in under 3 seconds. The mid-engine configuration would give it an ideal weight distribution, and remarkable stability. Suggested top speed would exceed 200 mph, while 8C Competizione might push this number significantly higher.


As you might already know, the predecessor was produced in an extra limited edition of 500 coupes and 500 8C spiders. Will this be the case with new Alfa Romeo 8C, it is still unclear. However, the main people of FCA stated that 5 percent of all of their sales will be attributed to sports cars in the future.

This could mean that Alfa might waive the exclusivity over production numbers. FCA 2021 year plan dictates the production of two new sports cars. One of which is 8C and another 6C. Will they manage to pull of their ambitions plan, only time will tell, but if they keep the current momentum, their plans will be realized for sure.


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