New Alfa Romeo Tonale: CONFIRMED At Dealerships June 4th, 2022

Photo credit: Autoextra

New Alfa Romeo Tonale has been one of the highly anticipated cars among all enthusiasts, especially Alfisti. Since it was revealed several years ago the concept captured the hearts of many. The design was well-received, and due to the fact that the crossover segment is the fastest-growing, the main people decided to give it a green light.

However, it wasn’t as smooth of a journey as the main people from the brand had hoped.

If you followed the regular updates, you could’ve witnessed several setbacks, delays, and different obstacles the latest Alfa Romeo creation had to overcome.

Luckily, those days are over, and hopefully, it will be smooth sailing from now on…


While this information hasn’t been officially announced, the Alfa Romeo Tonale is supposed to make a debut on February 8th of 2022. This piece of information hasn’t been confirmed, but it hasn’t been denied either. Judging by the info from Italian and German automotive journalists, we’re definitely going to see the production version for the first time at the beginning of February.

Market Debut

As we mentioned above, the official debut date has not been confirmed yet. However, we do know the exact day Tonale is going to hit dealerships, and it is June 4th of 2022. This information has been officially confirmed by the main man Jean-Philippe Imparato.


The latest Alfa Romeo crossover will be produced in the Stellantis factory in Pomigliano D’Arco in Campania. Production of the serial model is going to start by the end of March. The good news is that the production model is going to closely resemble the concept.

Available Engines

When it comes to the engines, the thoughts are divided, mainly because there isn’t anything as impressive as the V6 bi-turbo from Giulia/Stelvio QV. Since diesels are slowly dying off, there will be only one option available, the 1.6 unit which will push out 130 horsepower.

There will also be only one petrol version with different configurations. A stronger one will be offered as a mild hybrid and it will produce 180HP, while the less powerful one will develop around 130HP. The strongest version of Tonale will be the previously delayed plug-in hybrid which will develop 240 horsepower transferred to all four wheels.

Trim Options

New Alfa Romeo Tonale trim options are the latest piece of info we got besides the price. The buyers will be able to choose from four options, Super, Sprint, TI, and Veloce. If we’re going to see the QV version, only time will tell…


New Alfa Romeo Tonale price is something that has been discussed a lot, mainly because of the somewhat higher sticker of Giulia and Stelvio. We can all agree that price will pretty much dictate its success. According to the latest available info, the base price of Tonale is going to start at 28 000 Euros or 32 000 Dollars. Considering the segment, and the competition, the price is dead on.


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