Alfa Romeo Giulia Wins Yet Another Award – Best Car of 2022

Photo credit: Bigstock

Alfa Romeo Giulia has won numerous awards since it came out. The reasons behind this are countless. Giulia is at top of the game when it comes to engineering, design, but most importantly the driving experience. While globally, its values are not really recognized, considering the sale numbers, true car enthusiasts know its worth.

This time the award in question is the Best Car of 2022 by Auto Motor und Sport which Giulia has won fifth time in the row.

Auto Motor und Sport is a German automotive magazine from Stuttgart, and they have a huge following.

The Best Car Award is actually picked by the readers who chose the Giulia as the best mid-size import. 100 000 people voted, and 18.8 % picked this masterpiece by Alfa Romeo.

With this award, Giulia’s collection grew even more. As mentioned above the car has been recognized by enthusiasts and journalists quite a few times. The one award that stands out is the Red Dot Award which is reserved for best design, however, it has won several other awards in US, Italy, Germany, and UK in the same category.

While Giulia is undoubtedly an amazing car, like the Stelvio, it has one big problem which plagued it from the beginning. That problem is the low sale numbers. The reason behind this is still unknown. Giulia is as reliable as any other car, if not more, and still, it fails to find its way to customers.

Many blame premium price for this, and they could be right. Since Alfa is rebuilding the brand, they should’ve been more flexible with the cost, even if that meant lower profits. Whether the situation will improve for Alfa now that Tonale is out, only time will tell, but we sure hope that the brand progresses forward.


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