Alfa Romeo 4C Nemesis by Pogea Racing

Photo credit: Pogea Racing

Even though it seems like there is no room for improvements when it comes to Alfa Romeo 4C, Pogea Racing decides to prove us all different. The main reason there is no 4C QV is because it is best in the class, according to Alfa management, however, as we can see from this creation, there are definitely few things that can be upgraded.

As most of the Alfisti know, 4C doesn’t really have a monster in the engine bay, but rather a 1.75-liter engine which develops respectable 237HP.

This is actually where most of the change happened since Pogea managed to increase the size from 1.75 liter to 1.95 liter.

They installed a new turbocharger, improved crankshaft, bigger valves.etc.

This of course increased both horsepower as well as torque. Horsepower got bumped from already mentioned 237 to 477HP which is impressive, to say the least, while torque got bumped from 350Nm to 535Nm.

This kind of tuning helped shave 0.9 seconds of 0 to 100km/h time, and now it is able to reach it in only 3.6 seconds, while maximum speed exceeds 305 km/h which is a significant improvement from factory 258 km/h.

Besides the engine tuning, Pogea came up with a carbon fiber body kit and new aluminum wheels – 18 inches in the front, and 19 inches in the back. Price of this incredible creation is still a mystery, however, even if you might have the money it will be extremely hard to get a hold of since only 5 units will be made.


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