Alfa Romeo Giulia Next-Gen Envisioned by AI

Alfa Romeo Giulia is definitely one of the most underrated cars ever. It is extremely well-engineered and it looks stunning. However, due to the low sales numbers, it didn’t really count as a huge success for the company.

That didn’t stop countless designers around the world to envision the next generation, and today we are bringing you yet another which is a creation of a machine rather than man.

This particular design of next-gen Giulia is a creation of artificial intelligence, and it shows.

While overall design still resembles the original Alfa Romeo Giulia, it does come with a few modernized lines which haven’t been seen in the automotive world.

This is most evident in the back end which simply looks out of this world. Front-end is more familiar, and it is characterized by modernized headlights which shape-wise resemble the ones found in current version of Giulia.

However, AI didn’t come up with this design on its own. Lorenzo Cotta is the man behind it, and he utilized the Midjourney software to come up with this creation. The process is not as simple as it seems, and it takes numerous tries to come up with a finished design.

To simplify it, AI essentially follows a list of commands which it, in the end, turns into finished rendering.

Render development itself can be quite tedious, and it can be challenging to get everything right since AI doesn’t really have a proportional sense or an eye for beauty, but if you base it on previous brand’s models results can be spectacular.

In the end, this one turned out great, and it is close to the finished product as it can be without the human touch, but one question remains, will AI ever be able to replace humans when it comes to car design?


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