Alfa Romeo Giulia in USA – First Impressions

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

The time has finally come, the new Giulia has landed United States. So what do they have to say about it? Well just as their European colleagues, the press from US welcomed the new Giulia with arms wide open.

They liked the design, that impressive QV engine and above all the overall feel only Alfa Romeo can provide.

That unexplained x factor is essentially something that is going to win over the hearts of Americans, especially in this stale segment that has been run by just a few companies on this enormous market.

To be perfectly honest, Alfa really has something special to over with this new car. When it comes to design it is undoubtedly beautiful, and much better looking than its competitors. Engine wise, the 510 HP engine is also on top of the game and it does wonderful job when it comes to pumping adrenaline. Interior, as we all know, has few minor drawbacks, but it is still stylish and well done. Overall it is welcome refreshment that is more than needed.

However, they also had some minor objections. Main one relates to the fact that Giulia won’t be available as manual in US. According to main people of this Italian company, there just isn’t enough demand to make this option viable. Giulia is ready to rock, we can’t wait to see what kind of impact it’s going to make.


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