Alfa Romeo Giulia Touring Envisioned

Photo credit: 2NCS

As we discussed on several occasions, Alfa surely did not utilize Giulia all the way. We didn’t see the coupe, convertible, or even the Sportwagon versions. While none of the tuners decided to take on this mammoth task, to give us at least one-off Giulia coupe, convertible, or Sportwagon, talented designers all around the world, gave us their visions of it.

We presented some of them in the past, but today, we are bringing you something a bit different.

It is a work of 2NCS, and it looks stunning, to say the least.

It is not the vision of the current generation of Giulia, but rather the next generation which looks even more menacing.

The design lines are much more aggressive, but overall, it still kept that Giulia look. The front bumper is clearly inspired by the GTAm version, while the headlights unmistakably remind of the ones found in Tonale.

The same theme follows all the way to the back where we can see the tail lights which are , shape-wise, more in the style of the current Giulia, and the rear diffuser with upward protruding dual exhausts.

The overall shape of the car is in the fashion of the true sport wagon and we say that because some of the previous designs we wrote about had more of a design-oriented back end, which wouldn’t be as practical.

This design is truly a wagon that would offer all of the practicalities in the real world. The demand for something like this would definitely be there. 2NCS envisioned this car with 600HP Ferrari-derived engine, and as such it would be a perfect competitor for Audi’s RS6.

In the end, while we didn’t get the real deal, at least we got talented designers showing off their work, and when it comes to Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon, we have to admit, this is our favorite by far. It is a shame that something like this will never see the light of day.


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