Last chance for Alfa Romeo?

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

According to automotive news Alfa Romeo has been never-ending cause of headache for the main man of Fiat group Sergio Marchionne. 2012 has passed and the results are not so good, Alfa Romeo has sold less than 100000 cars. These numbers are not really surprising if we consider the fact that Alfa is producing only two models and even though Giulietta sells good it is not enough to keep this brand afloat.

Marchionne announced that Alfa Romeo is supposed to present 9 new models in the next 4 years; hopefully Fiat group will stick to this plan because it might be the last chance to save this Italian brand. Just to remind you Marchionne announced in 2010 that Alfa will produce 500000 cars annually until 2014 and clearly that plan went bust.

When it comes to selling Alfa Romeo brand, Marchionne said that some things are just not for sale… In my own opinion Alfa Romeo needs to stick to this plan, they need to produce more cars, but they also need to make sure that cars they are going to produce in the future are rear wheel drive as I’m sure that all Alfists would want this, and also they need to continue making GTA versions of their models…

Not everything is so bad, we got the new 4C coming soon and even though it won’t break any sale records it will strengthen the reputation of Alfa Romeo as the producer of beautiful and affordable sports cars.


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