Alfa Romeo and Jeep will be produced in Torino

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

Fiat is planning on producing passenger and SUV vehicles for the brands Alfa Romeo and Jeep in their Mirafiori factory in Torino. This Italian manufacturer will cooperate on this project with American Group Chrysler, said the executive director Sergio Marchionne. He also announced that they will form a firm with Chrysler that will produce Alfa Romeo and Jeep.

Fiat as we mentioned before has 20 percent of ownership in this American company. Mirafiori factory, which employs 5800 people, produced 178.000 vehicles last year, and their plan is to increase their production drastically. Marchionne, who is also a director of Chrysler demands more flexible working hours in this Italian factory as one of the conditions for his investment plan of 20 billion Euros.

If he achieves the agreement with the syndicates for the new working hours, Italian manufacturer plans to invest this huge sum of money in period before 2014. They will invest that money in more advanced production lines and in development of new models. Marchionne said that it is absolutely necessary to apply these new work rules to increase number of shifts and decrease absence from work. Plan is, according to Marchionne, to increase production volume to 280.000 vehicles a year.


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