One-off Gold Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

Photo credit: CarBuzz

2019 Mille Miglia was marked by a special version of Giulia which pays homage to Alfa Romeo’s racing cars from the ’60s and ’70s. As you can see the most striking thing about this car is its color. So, why gold, you might ask? Well, even though this Giulia is not the same exact shade of the brand’s racing cars from that era, it is very similar.

Those past racecars had a satin finish, which is not really that striking, so Alfa decided to give it a bit more appeal to pay tribute to their rich racing history in style.

However, color is not the only thing changed on this car. Rear and front mudguards, rear-positioned cockpit, and shorter overhang are some of the changes, but, as you might’ve guessed, this car does not have any major modifications.

Even though gold Alfa Romeo Giulia is very appealing, it is not going to be produced. It is a one-off version made specifically for this event, according to main people of the brand. However, that still doesn’t mean that we won’t see it on the road. If there is demand, there is money to be made, and car companies do not really pass those opportunities. Whatever the case is, it would be nice if future Giulias came with this option.


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