More powerful Alfa 4C

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Even though the latest masterpiece of Alfa Romeo has impressive power to weight ration, one of the main people from Alfa said that they are going to improve its performance.

In his interview with Automotive News, Harald Wester said: We are on 135 HP per liter, and there is still some room for improvements”.

Besides that, he also stated that Alfa Romeo 4C’s chassis is made so it can handle more power from the engine. What else are they going to improve is anyone’s guess, but they are going to keep 4C fresh with yearly improvements. The newest addition is going to be the spider version, but their ultimate goal is to create a car that’s going to get hardcore Alfisti excited.

There are many speculations when it comes to power and the name of this improved version. The improved Alfa 4C will have at least 270 HP which is significant when we consider the fact that this is lightweight car. It might get labeled Stradale, but this information is not confirmed, or maybe this could be the return of the GTA.


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