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Production of Giulia confirmed

First man of Fiat company Sergio Marchionne confirmed that successor of Alfa Romeo 159 the Giulia is well under development. According to his...

Novitec Rosso Alfa Romeo 8 C- Spider 01 0

Fastest Alfa Romeo

Photo by XpressCenter Led by the experience of their sister company Novitec Tridente which specializes in Maserati tuning, Novitec prepared modification package for...

Alfa Romeo Orazio Satta

We all know that Alfa Romeo is one of the brands with richest and longest pedigree in car industry, but since they got under the management of Fiat they have trouble reaching that status of premium car producers like they had before.

Alfa Romeo Duetto

Next roadster that’s going to be developed by Alfa Romeo is actually going to be technologically related to Mazda’s MX-5; this project is...

Alfa Romeo Pandion

Alfa Romeo Pandion concept is presented for the first time in Geneva in 2010. It is a beautiful concept car designed by Gruppo Bertone a design studio from Grugliasco- Italy. Alfa Pandion is developed in honor of Alfa Romeo 100 years of existence.

Alfa Montreal Concept

Alfa Romeo Montreal

One of the great Alfa Romeo concepts with retro look is Alfa Romeo Montreal concept. It is designed by design student Karl Sanders in 2009. Its design is based on Alfa Romeo Montreal which was presented in Montreal in 1967.

Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept

Alfa Romeo 12C

While the other concepts are satisfied with the fact that they are going to stay only show cars, the others dream about going into production. Take a look at this Alfa Romeo 12c GTS, it is very elegant and sexy and it could easily go into mass production.


Even though each model of Alfa Romeo is attractive, this time even the name selection drew a lot of attention. First assumptions regarding...