Alfa Romeo Tonale Trims, Engine Options, Size revealed

Photo credit: Autozeitung

Tonale has been a subject of many automotive news outlets for a while now, and the latest news regarding this upcoming Alfa Romeo model was concerning yet another delay. However, now that all of it is sorted out, the new Alfa Romeo Tonale is set to be revealed in the first quarter of 2022.

But, before that happens, we got another juicy piece of information that got uncovered by Spider’s Web Autoblog, and it brings us some important information regarding the powertrain.

Before we continue, let us just state that nothing is 100% percent confirmed, and all of this info should be taken with caution in mind. The alleged source of information is from the internal Tonale presentation.


Let’s start with the size. As we already knew the Tonale will be closely related to Jeep Compass, and its wheelbase is going to measure just under 104 inches, or 2636 millimeters, with an overall length of 178 inches, or 4528 millimeters.

When it comes to width, it is going to measure 65 inches, or 1648 millimeters, that’s without taking into consideration the side mirrors. Lastly, it is 63 inches, or 1604 millimeters tall.

Compared to Stelvio it has some 7 inches or 178 millimeters shorter wheelbase, it is also 6 inches, or 152 millimeters shorter. Stelvio is 3 inches or 76 millimeters wider, and 2 inches, or 50 millimeters taller.


Now let’s move to the best part of the leak, the powertrain options. We’ll start with a diesel. There will be only one option, the 1.6 turbo which will produce 130 horsepower. It will also come with several turbocharged gasoline variants producing from 130-to 160 horsepower.

The stronger option with 160hp is supposedly going to be a Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle(MHEV). The plug-in hybrid version is going to be the most powerful one, and it is going to produce 240 horsepower. It will also offer all-wheel drive thanks to the configuration in which the electric motor is mounted to the rear axle.

Trim Options

When it comes to trim options, the customers will have four choices. They include TI, Veloce, Super, and Sprint. However the one that hasn’t been mentioned is also the most desired one – the QV. Whether we’ll see the Tonale in QV version it is still unknown, but if it proves as popular among buyers, we might see it.

With all that out of the way, there is something that didn’t get mentioned in this report, and that is the all-electric version. There isn’t anything available yet, but hopefully, we’ll get some info soon.


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