Alfa Romeo Giulia Facelift – What Can We Expect, and When?

Photo credit: AutoEvolution

While Giulia is undoubtedly an amazing car, it has yet to reach the success envisioned by its creators. The reason behind poor results is still unknown. They covered everything from design to engineering, but buyers are still few and far between. That, of course, affected the sales numbers which are not even near to one of their best selling models, the 156.

As most of us know by now, the next generation of Giulia will be moved to the EV segment, however, those days are still far away, and we’re curious what Alfa Romeo Giulia’s facelift will bring.

The Giulia, as well as Stelvio, did not receive any refreshment since they came out, but they still manage to look better compared to most of the other brands in the class.

Besides the design upgrades, the Alfa Romeo Giulia facelift will bring us some powertrain changes as well. But first, let’s start with the timeline. According to Italian automotive journalists, a facelift is coming in the last quarter of 2022.


The accent will be put on the electrification. While supposedly full electrification might come in the next generation of Giulia, we might see some hybrid and mild hybrid versions. According to some sources, we’ll see the plug-in hybrid, which is ready for production.

Now as a part of Stellantis, there is technology available, and the Giorgio platform can accommodate the plug-in version. We will actually most likely see the gradual electrification which will end up with a fully electric version of Giulia.


When it comes to design nothing is certain yet. However, Alfa Romeo Giulia’s facelift will definitely bring us a new headlight design, which might look a bit similar to the rendering you see above.

Photo credit: Instalfisti

Besides this, there will be slight design changes to the front bumper, and grille. On the back, there is less chance of any visible change, but a new taillight design seems like a viable option, as well as bumper restyling.


Photo credit: Instalfisti

There is no info available on the interior, but judging by Alfa’s past, we might see a few changes here as well. Those changes might include design alteration of the dash, maybe bigger infotainment, and similar. However, that is all speculation at the moment, and we’ll have to wait until the end of next year to see what exactly this facelift will bring us.


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