Alfa Romeo Takes No.1 Spot in J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index

Photo credit: Kelsonik

After some initial complaints since Alfa Romeo entered the North American market, things are improving. The brand took the number one spot in the 2022 J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index which measures overall customer satisfaction.

The various factors are judged including the dealership personnel, facility, and delivery process.

After the feedback from almost 37 000 buyers, Alfa came on top in front of Porsche and Lexus with 833 points out of total 1000.

Porsche didn’t lose by much as they got 831 points while Lexus finished up with 819.

It seems that the management’s intention to focus on customer satisfaction produced concrete results. It is good news all the way. Customers are going to buy with more confidence knowing the brand stands behind their product, and also that might have a huge impact on Alfa’s sales numbers.

Besides all of the mentioned, more models are also coming. Now that Tonale has hit the dealerships, we got updated Stelvio and Giulia. We got one more B-SUV incoming, and hopefully, we won’t have to wait long for the 33 Stradale tribute.

In the end, it seems as the situation in Alfa Romeo is improving. They finally got some traction and that might be good news for all of us.


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