Alfa Romeo Montreal by Patrick Dasse

Photo credit: Flickr

Recently, we’ve acquired a beautiful piece of Alfa Romeo literature from DINGWORT VERLAG. The car in question is Alfa Romeo Montreal and this book, created by Patrick Dasse, managed to capture the essence of its existence.

Book itself is quality made with numerous pictures of the mentioned model sourced directly from the brand’s museum, and in 264 pages you can witness an astonishing journey Montreal made from beginning to the end. From prototype to pre-production, and production version at the end, every little detail is meticulously described. And that is one of the biggest qualities of this book.

While textually it might not be abundant, a combination of photographs and carefully devised text take you through the life of the model from start to finish. This book will appeal to anybody who has the slightest sympathy toward this Italian brand, not to mention the true enthusiasts.

However, it can also be incredibly useful in completely another way. If you are working on light, or heavy restoration of such a model, this book can be invaluable to you. Why? Well, every detail, improvement, change, is described through both pictures and text.

Besides all of this, the book also describes a short racing history of the model, as well as all of the races it participated in. This includes every particular race, as well as the driver, and the team.

While we don’t want to go more into details, we are going to state one more thing. If you are an Alfa fan this book will blow you away. The automotive world in those days, unlike one today, was pure, passionate and full of quality, and that is exactly the focal point of this book.


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