Alfa Romeo Junior Z – Book by Patrick Dasse

Photo credit: Google commons

We’ve got our hands on another piece of Alfa Romeo Literature from DINGWORT VERLAG. This time the car in question is Junior Z. We’ll start from the print quality which we can describe by only one word – exceptional. Book itself, as well as the prints, are incredible, and they tell us the story of the model from prototype to production version.

While this book is not abundant textually, the story is told through a combination of text and photographs. The process of development is meticulously described, as well as an addition, or change of any details, which are later on implemented into the production version.

Book also describes how this model shared different components with other Alfa Romeo models to cut down the cost of production, as well as numerous other details regarding the development process.

Should you buy it?

Well, if you are a hardcore Alfa fan, this is something you would want to have in your collection, mainly because it takes you through the journey of the incredible past of this famous Italian brand.

There is also another very important use for this book, and that is restoration. If you are working on such a project this book could be invaluable. Such an extensive collection of photographs describes pretty much every detail imaginable, and they are close to impossible to source in such quantity.

Overall, it is a great piece of automotive literature that captures the essence of car production back in the day. Collaboration with Zagato, and individual component production which ultimately make up this incredible car, will show you how much different model development was in the past, different and better.


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