DIY Oil Change on Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Engines

In the video below you can see step by step instructions regarding the oil change on all Alfa Romeo Twin Spark engines found in models such as 147, 156, GT, GTV, and even 166. When it comes to job itself, it is fairly simple and if you have any car knowledge, you can do it yourself easily. 10W40 semi-synthetic oil was used in this instance, but you have different options for these particular engines.

You can find oil specs for different oils like engine, brake, transmission, etc., on our YouTube channel. And always remember, it is not the brand of oil that’s most important, but rather the interval of oil changes. It is always better to change your oil more frequently, that to use most expensive oil which is not changed regularly. If you decide to do your own oil change make sure you stay safe. If you are not working on car lift, always use jack stands, and always make sure you dispose used oil properly.

Photo credit: ARC


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