Alfa Romeo Giulia Renderings

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

Despite all the skepticism Alfa Romeo seems to be following their plan of producing 8 models in the next few years which are going to get everything latest they got to offer in technology and design.

Most anticipated model the Giulia probably got the most attention and we finally got some renderings to show us how Alfa’s next model will most probably look like.

We got to admit that we haven’t seen design this good for a while, and if new Giulia looks like this Alfisti are going to be ecstatic.

Let’s not forget that few days ago we got info regarding Giulia’s strongest version which is going to produce around 500 HP, making it capable of competing with the BMW’s M3.

Considering all the news and info that came out recently, it seems that Alfa Romeo is finally getting serious. All these news seem great but considering Fiat’s failures from the past Alfisti will not be happy until these cars start coming of the production lines. Design this great paired with the amazing engine and rear wheel drive is certainly going to produce some positive results.

However, some time still has to pass before this car gets on the market. We need something new soon besides the Mito, Giulietta and even 4C, something that’s going to be available to all of us. If main people of Alfa stick to their plans that we’ve seen in last couple of months, Alfa might regain that glory from the old days.


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