Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Sport Wagon Envisioned

Photo credit: J.B.Cars

Giulia is an amazing car both when it comes to design and engineering. The new generation of the mentioned model is in the works, however, it might not be as exciting as the current one. That is mainly due to the brand’s philosophy which is focused on full electrification. We at the Alfisti Crew live and breathe cars. We work on them, write about them, and follow the industry in general.

And, we can say with a degree of certainty that full car electrification is not going to go as smoothly as car manufacturers hope.

There are many reasons behind this, including the complicated and costly battery production, but we’ll leave that for one of the future articles.

That’s why we hope Alfa’s electrification won’t exterminate the gasoline engines. It is something the brand is known for, and this solely could have a huge impact when it comes to its future.

We recently wrote about Alfa Romeo Giulia’s missed opportunities. One of them was concerning the sport wagon which through numerous renderings online looks amazing. The rendering you can see above is made by the J.B.Cars, and it is stunning, to say the least.

This car would be a perfect competitor to let’s say Audi RS6, and with its potent V6 bi-turbo, it would be one of the top performers. Even if Alfa made this car just as an exhibition, the brand would still benefit from it. It would be something special, just as the Giulia GTA and GTAm are.

The sad thing is that a superficial approach to the revival of this famous Italian manufacturers won’t give us the exciting cars Alfa is known for, and while the chase for profit is in the focus, it could actually be the brand’s downfall as well.


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