Alfa Romeo Fully Electric Compact Crossover Coming Soon

Photo credit: Auto Spies

The new approach to the Alfa Romeo production plan since Marchionne passed is sad, to say the least. All of the exciting models have been sacked, and the Brand’s lineup has been reduced to Giulia, Stelvio, Tonale, and a small crossover which is supposedly coming in 2022.

While information regarding the upcoming Tonale revealed that the model will offer a plug-in hybrid, probably sourced from Jeep, the new compact crossover will be the first fully electric vehicle by this Italian brand.

However, the fully electric crossover will likely be a product of the FCA- PSA merger since available information revealed that it will share the platform with Peugeot e-2008, and collaboration doesn’t end there. Conventional powertrain options will also be shared with the French crossover, and we’re likely to see a 1.2-liter gasoline engine developed by PSA as well as the 1.5 diesel.

While on one side it is good for Alfa to have a model which will appeal to the broader market, we can’t help but feel that Alfa is losing on its character due to this approach. This news also came with a silver lining since fully electric Alfa Romeo Crossover will be more powerful, and offer a better range than e-2008, which covers just over 300 kilometers with one charge.

Will this kind of approach save Alfa, and if it does, will this beloved Italian brand become a generic car company like many other, only time will tell.


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