Alfa Romeo Arese | Book of the Month

Photo credit: Google commons

In our literature review today, we’re looking at yet another book by Patrick Dasse which we acquired from DINGWORT VERLAG. This incredible 368-page book describes the car production process in the Alfa Romeo Arese plant.

The book itself is incredibly detailed describing the production process from the initial part forging to a complete car. Two particular models were covered in a book, the Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon, and the coupe version. In this window to history, you can witness how these models were produced from the beginning to the end.

As mentioned above, this includes part forging, body welding, exterior/interior assembly, electrics installation, painting, and marriage to the powertrain. While this is a description in a few sentences, the book offers much more.

It gives us the insight into the best years of Alfa Romeo, how meticulous the production process was, and how much attention was devoted to quality. It also gives us insight into Alfa Romeo technician training which the company used to keep the top-level quality when it comes to service and repair. These were the golden times of our bellowed brand, and this book captured the best of it.

Should I buy it?

If you are hard-core Alfa Romeo enthusiasts as we are, you definitely should. Even if you know such a person, this would make an amazing gift to them. The book focuses on the visual stimulation rather than textual, and while textually it is not abundant, it tells its story through numerous high-quality photographs.


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