Alfa Romeo Brennero – Size, Production Location, and Ambitious Sales Predictions

Photo credit: ClubAlfa

Tonale’s debut is only days away, and while all the focus is currently turned toward the C-segment crossover, more details are revealed about the upcoming B-segment model. While the name hasn’t been officially confirmed, the Italian automotive journalists are positive that it is going to be called Brennero.

However, the name is honestly of the least importance, and we are eager to know more about the design, powertrain, size, and so on.

So, in this article we are going to focus on the latest info we got available, or more specifically we’ll talk about its production, powertrain, platform, and so on…

Sales predictions

When it comes to sales predictions Alfa management is ambitious. They are expecting to sell 150 000 units annually, which considering the current sales of Giulia, and Stelvio is quite an aspiring goal. They are counting on the lower price, great design, and dynamic powertrain options to reach this goal.

There is also one other factor in the game. The B crossover segment is currently growing at a rapid speed and they are looking to bank on it. Still, we have to keep in mind that its main competitor sold 54 000 units of Audi Q2, so if Alfa manages to pull this off, it will be an absolute success.


The Brennero is not going to be produced in Italy, but rather in Poland in their factory in Tychy. Whether the production location is going to be a deterrent for loyal Alfisti, only time will tell. But, to the new brand customers, it shouldn’t make much of a difference.


Production location also has a direct relation with the platform Alfa Romeo Brennero is going to use. The CMP which it’s going to be based on is already used by numerous models under the Stellantis wing such as Peugeot 2008, DS3 Crossback, and Opel Mokka. Needless to say, it is going to be closely related to the mentioned vehicles.


When it comes to gasoline and diesel options, not much info is available. However, it is speculated that Brennero is going to be the first Alfa Romeo that is going to implement the fully electric powertrain.


When it comes to size, the unofficial info states that Brennero is going to be 430 centimeters, or 169 inches long, which is significantly shorter than Tonale which is some 10 inches, or 25cm longer. No info on the width, length, or wheelbase is available yet.


The debut date is still under the veil of mystery. Some claim that it might be revealed by the end of this year, while others claim that the reveal date is scheduled for the beginning of the next year. Its production is supposedly going to start in the 3rd quarter of next year.

Alfa Romeo Brennero is going to be an important car for the brand. It is going to mark the reentrance to the B segment while at the same time it might be the first model that will be fully electric. Considering all of the production facts listed above, it might not be something the true Alfisti will favor. However, if it helps propel the brand forward, it should be welcomed by everyone…


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