Alfa Romeo Disco Volante V6 Busso Envisioned by Bekin Ajvazi

Photo credit: Carscoops

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante has been with us for 80 years. The original came out in 1950’s, and it was simply out of this world. The flying saucer was brought back to life little while ago by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. Their take on it, which was based on Alfa Romeo 8C, was simply sensational.

Just like the original it stood out from the crowd with its incredible looks, and overall clever setup which was more focused on comfort and driving pleasure than anything else.

While the design study we’re bringing you today might not ever come to life, it is definitely something that deserves our attention.

Reason for that is the exceptional interpretation which is undoubtedly similar to modern Disco Volante. However, it does give us some appealing design cues which are striking, and could fit the modern automotive atmosphere…

Talented artist behind this is the Bekin Ajvazi and besides the stunning design, the main element which marks his creation is the famous Busso engine. This popular engine was implemented in numerous Alfa Romeo models from 1979 to late 2000’s, and its strongest version, which was naturally aspirated, pushed out 247 horsepower.

While the horsepower numbers might not be as impressive as they once was, it is the way they were delivered that made this engine special. The unmistakable sound made the whole experience complete, and that more special.

The main element which make this design appealing are the rounded headlight with striking daily running lights. Overall shape of the front end is sleek, but the front scudetto does leave a bit to be desired.

Side view is stunning and it is characterized by the aggressive side skirts which improve on the look. The back side is most similar to the modern version which is marked by sleekness and rounded tail lights. Artist also touched up on the rear diffuser, as it is more refined.

Lastly there are the wheels. They have more of a classic look which honestly fit well the overall design cue. While creation like this might not ever come to life, it is great to see the talented designers pay their tribute to some of the Alfa Romeo classics…


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