Alfa Romeo Becomes Independent Car Manufacturer

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

In the beginning of next month we’re expecting to see another Fiat’s production plan for Alfa Romeo, in which this Italian brand is supposed to follow the steps of other famous Italian brands like Ferrari and Maserati and become an independent company.

As we mentioned in one of the previous articles exact date for official presentation plan is 6th May. On this day main man of Fiat Sergio Marchionne is supposed to announce Alfa Romeo’s independence as car manufacturer.

It is a visionary move, but it’s also supposed to bring this Italian brand back among some of the best brands, like it was back in the day. Main goal for the management is to follow the steps of the Maserati and Ferrari which have been functioning successfully for quite a while.

Part of the plan besides this is to bring back that Alfa Romeo heritage with new Ferrari engines and rear wheel drive. There are also numerous models planned for the next couple of years. Just to remind you, this is a 4th production plan for Alfa Romeo since Sergio Marchionne took over Fiat Chrysler group. Needless to say that previous plans did not produce expected success for this Italian brand, but Alfa Romeo 4C proved that they can make an amazing car, as a matter of fact, production of 4C and 4C spider might be the first signs that Alfa got back on the right track.


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