First Teaser of Alfa’s 2023 Supercar

Photo credit: CarLifestyle

We at Alfisti Crew already wrote several articles regarding the upcoming Alfa Romeo Supercar; the last of the brand’s models that will be equipped with ICE engines. Now we got to see something interesting on the brand’s Instagram page.

While it is not much, Alfa did a promotional video showcasing their current models, and right at the end, we saw the taillight which is unlike anything else in production.

There is only one logical answer behind it. It is a small teaser showing us the taillight design of the upcoming Alfa Romeo Supercar.

The circular design undoubtedly reminds us of the 8C, and 4C models which were both discontinued, but it could mean that the design language might stay the same.

Photo credt: Motor 1

The car in question will definitely be powered by the twin-turbo V6 found in QV models of Giulia and Stelvio, whose maximum power output was 540HP(GTA variant).

However, there is a big chance that Alfa’s engineers might increase that number closer to 600HP. One thing worth noting is that this teaser has nothing to do with the recently unveiled Zagato creation which marked 100 years of collaboration between these two companies.

While we got no information regarding this car, not even the name, it is speculated that it will carry the 6C badge. Contrary to the popular belief among Alfisti, this car will have nothing to do with Maserati MC20, and it will be built from the scratch.

Imperato stated that it will have ultra-low production numbers and a hefty price. The sad thing about this whole story is that this will be the last Alfa Romeo powered by the ICE engines, and we as Alfisti can just hope that transition to electric-only will not happen just yet.


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