Alfa Romeo Stelvio Facelift Caught in the Wild – What’s coming?

Photo credit: Avarvarii

A lot of time has passed since Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio were presented to the world. While they blew the competition out of the water, it didn’t really reflect on the sales numbers. People are still hesitant, and the reasons behind this are unknown. Now the time has finally come when both of the mentioned models are going to receive the facelifts.

So what can we expect? Honestly, not much on the exterior, and as the crew who follows this Italian brand for a decade now, we have to admit the facelift is a bit underwhelming.

It just seems a bit lazy, as not much is going to change visually. The two renderings above are done by the digital artist Avarvarii and they are based on the leaked images.

While both of the images portray the facelift in the best possible way, the change is probably not going to be as noticeable. When one of their best-selling models the 156 was facelifted, it received a big change, and we were hoping to see that with Giulia and Stelvio as well. Now, let’s go over the facts, and speculations as well.


Photo credit: Instalfisti

As you might have seen from the leaked photos, the biggest change is going to be the different headlight design. However, the overall shape of the headlight is going to stay the same, the inside components are going to be different. Also, the front bumper and grille might receive some changes, but they are not going to be drastic in any way.

There is still no information if the back end is going to be redesigned in any way. Judging by the overall approach to this facelift, we are guessing that tail lights, as well as the rear bumper, might be altered but only slightly.


Photo credit: Instalfisti

One of the leaked photos also showed us the fully digital cluster which we could’ve seen in the newly released Tonale. Both Giulia and Stelvio are supposed to see this upgrade, but whether it is going to come to the realization, we will see.

The leaked photo of the interior looks genuine, but we still can’t confirm it for sure. Both models are also going to receive the Android Automotive Operating System of the last generation. Besides this, we can expect different materials in the interior which are going to level up both luxury and built quality…


When it comes to powertrain, there is no information available whatsoever. Full electrification is going to be left for the next generation of Giulia/Stelvio. However, we might see a Plug-in hybrid, and mild hybrid version according to some sources.

We can’t confirm nor deny this info at the moment, so we’ll have to wait and see. Judging by the MHEV setup in Tonale which is additionally powered through a transmission with an electric motor, a setup like this is definitely viable.


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